But COVID-19 would be a Partner for Us

12 December 2019 – Amid much excitement, Radio Shahada aired its first broadcast in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. Just days later, the entire city was abruptly locked down because of COVID-19.  

Station Manager Pastor Thomassin was unflustered. “There is a common saying that if you succeed in ministry in Chad for three years, you can do anything,” Pastor Thomassin joked, his light-hearted tone belying the harsh realities in Chad. 

Years of violent civil war, military coups, surging Islamic terrorism, strikes, drought and floods have plagued the impoverished, landlocked country for decades. There is no electricity nor running water for over 90% of residents. “If you fly over Chad, you see darkness,” Pastor Thomassin shared, a reflection on the darkness enveloping the country both in the natural and in the spiritual. Spiritual warfare is rife.  

“I’m not worried,” the faith-filled minister states. “In the Bible, I see two trends when iniquity grows and when people continue to resist God. First, you run into judgement and things get difficult. Second, you turn to God and He heals you. God is using calamities to bring people into the consciousness of His sovereignty. I’m interested in the hearts of people turning to God.” 

Radio Shahada’s Station Manager Pastor Thomassin (pictured in brown suit) sees God’s sovereignty through the pressing challenges the country, and the station faces.

Just three years since its official launch in February 2020, God has been using Radio Shahada to turn people to Him, especially in the toughest of times. 

“COVID-19 would be a partner for us,” Pastor Thomassin shared. Because churches were shut down and did not have streaming capabilities, every Sunday became a preaching marathon from Radio Shahada. Around 160 pastors from different denominations became involved in the radio ministry. For the first time since Christianity began 100 years ago in Chad, churches collaborated. God used Radio Shahada, through COVID-19, to unite His Church in Chad. 

God used Radio Shahada to unite His Church in Chad – a first since Christianity begun here 100 years ago. Revival broke out through the historic large evangelistic rally in the city’s stadium.

This quickly led to another first:  a large evangelistic rally in the city’s main stadium, where 5,000 believers from 43 churches gathered in unity to cry out to God. One further all-night prayer meeting was held, and another held live online for 24-hours – another first.  

During COVID-19, the team would receive at least 1,000 calls each day for spiritual help. There were baptisms almost every day. God used Radio Shahada to bring about revival in Chad. 

One person who was revived was Rosin. Rosin had been in an abusive marriage. For years, she had been angry at God, and stopped going to church. When her husband abandoned her and her child, she was completely broken. Then she came across Radio Shahada and went to the prayer meeting, where she re-dedicated her life to Jesus.  

Watch Pastor Thomassin share more about Chad:

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