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Effective communication of the Good News of Jesus needs to reach people far and wide through frequent contacts.

FEBC has a wide reach through its networks and use of appropriate technology, and the challenge now is to increase the frequency of our Good News programming.

Regular, frequent giving will enable us to have more air time, develop more programmers, and provide more quality Christian content.

We know, because our listeners tell us, the more they hear, the more familiar they become with the life-changing message of Christ. The more time we can be on air, the more frequently they will hear that message, meaning more people come to know and love Jesus.


My husband and I have been supporting FEBC for longer than I can remember. One of the reasons that I love this ministry is that it is so cost effective. It also gives me the ability to pray for people all around the world every day of the week. Brilliant!Barbara Coburn, Queensland, Australia.
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    $7 A Week

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    $30 A Month

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    $365 A Year

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    FEBC Frequency Partners Also Receive:

Regular field and prayer updates from the field with bi-monthly access to live video conferencing with field leaders. FEBC Frequency partners are sent information ahead of each online conference and are encouraged to submit questions about the work being done in the mission field. FEBC records each conference and makes the replay available to all Frequency partners unable to watch live.

When my husband left I was depressed with no sense of hope. One day I tuned the radio to your Healing Heart program and it released some of my sorrow and stress. I continued to listen and was reminded of God’s love. Now I’m reading the Bible. Thank you so much for helping me to be full of hope again.
Listener in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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