FEBC helps many hear the Gospel message in their own native language, in their heart language, and provides resources for FEBC teams go to personally connect with and support villages and ethnic minority people groups. 

Hearing the message of Jesus is transforming thousands of unreached and persecuted regions globally. By airing programs in heart languages, FEBC is keeping those languages alive and helping to nurture ethnic minority generations. Many people groups are not respected and are persecuted because of their language, often forced to abandon their mother tongue. So when they hear and understand messages and music in their tongue, they rejoice!


“I found your shortwave station while trying to tune in my radio. I’ve never heard before such content in my mother tongue…listening about Jesus in my local language is amazing! I was always thinking that Jesus is not a God for us, that he was for people in other countries. Hearing about him in my language, he became ‘my own Jesus’ and I love him, I pray to him and now I walk with him.”


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