Radio Missionaries help sharing the Gospel in Korea

FEBC Korea is most passionate about sharing the Gospel of Christ across the region, particularly into North Korea. Through their media ministries and radio missionaries the team are actively connecting with hundreds of thousands of listeners, praying with them, providing counselling and sharing the Gospel.

Radio missionaries are active Christian listeners who volunteer to respond to and help the thousands of monthly requests for connection and follow up; and they are making great progress in sharing the Gospel in North Korea. One radio missionary shared: “It was amazing to speak with and then meet North Korean refugees that escaped. They shared about listening to FEBC-Korea on the radio. They listened to God’s messages while hiding themselves under blankets believing God would save them.”

Another radio missionary who was herself once a listener touched by the impact of FEBC Korea radio programs shared: “When you have three children to raise, I guess physical and spiritual fatigue are something that cannot be avoided. Even as a woman of faith, I had to endure a lot of stresses...

Had it not been for FEBC-Korea, I could not have gotten through those stressful times. Once I called the team to make a prayer request, and someone from the station even made a follow-up call a few days later to let me know that they were still praying for me. That small amount of care they showed me that day touched me greatly. Now, I have signed up to become a radio missionary to comfort others like me. I want to support the mission that saves many souls. I love the phrase “Let others listen to FEBC-Korea. It will make miracles happen.”

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