One year of Gospel and online radio in Chad – Radio Shahada

A little over a year ago, God gave FEBA South Africa the vision to plant a Christian radio station in Chad. At the same time he put the very same vision in the heart of station manager Thomassin and this February, Radio Shahada celebrated its first birthday!

Since going to air, the station experienced frequent power outages which caused extensive damage to equipment making it difficult for them to continue broadcasting without interruption. We are pleased however to share that because of your faithful support in responding to an urgent request last December, solar panels have now been installed (in January this year).The station is now fully functioning and the team is very grateful for the support from Australian Supporters.

The dynamic team are passionate about sharing the Gospel with everyone and anyone who wants to listen. They go to great lengths to shed as much light on the Word of God as possible and are now inviting ministers and pastors from various church denominations across the country to share their teaching.

Hundreds of responses and phone calls are pouring in from eager listeners. The team have responded wonderfully by praying, providing counselling and connecting listeners with local churches and other support services. The station also seeks to further support listeners by establishing a specific program to discuss topics relevant to Christian youth.

Station Manager Thomassin shares; “There are still so many people in N’djamena that don’t understand what it is to have faith in God and have never been told the truth of Christ. Through our programs we aim to reach these people, build them up, inform and lead them one by one.”

 “I am part of the military force. My brother recorded a few of your programs for me to listen to. I want to say thank you so much for what you are doing. I ask that you keep us in your prayers, especially during these difficult times we live in.” - FEBC Listener, Chad

And one by one, listeners are committing themselves to Christ and can now see the value He adds to their lives. With new insight their appreciation for Christ is growing.

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