Modern Slavery and the power of Radio


It is impossible to know the full extent of modern slavery. What we do know, via our field partners, is that it affects many millions of people worldwide, with almost half believed to live in India.

Global estimates, by the International Labour Organisation (ILO, a United Nations agency) put the figure at more than 40 million.

Human Slavery includes:

  • Child Marriage
  • Criminal Exploitation
  • Domestic Servitude
  • Labour
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Sexual Exploitation
More than 40 million people worldwide are believed to be trapped in slavery.ILO, a United Nations agency

One $30 solar/wind up radio goes a long way


$30 can provide a wind-up radio so that families can hear the gospel – no matter how isolated

FEBC is able to play a huge part in preventing such atrocities because of radio’s reach. Distance and illiteracy are not barriers.

We can make known the signs to watch out for, so communities can be alerted to the danger of people being relocated against their will.

“When I heard your (FEBC) programs I had the strength to reach out and get help… thank you for saving my life.”Listener who fled from captivity and connected with an on-ground support partner


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