Urgent donations needed to fund additional radio program content and broadcasts during this worldwide pandemic

Our thoughts and prayers extend globally to the millions worldwide suffering the effects of COVID-19 and those distressed by the mass hysteria surrounding the pandemic. With self-quarantine and isolation increasingly becoming a mandatory practice globally, FEBC broadcasts will be one of the only sources of hope, truth and life.

Given the widespread impact and its unpredictability, now more than ever, people will need to hear life giving messages. Many of our field countries are already producing additional content surrounding local public health messaging. It is also vital for our broadcasts to speak of peace and hope at a time when so many feel vulnerable and afraid.

Millions of people are currently in isolation or living in regional communities where vital information on how to stay safe and protected is unavailable. FEBC and the programs produced in heart languages are key to getting these messages out, alleviate fear, educate, and bring hope, support and encouragement to people globally. For them, FEBC programs may be their only source of relief and assurance.

Your gift today will bring much needed hope and peace to those who need it.


Account: FEBC Australia
BSB: 032-151
Account No: 36-0931
Email: office@febc.org.au

Thank you

Use the details above to make a direct deposit from your bank account then email us to let us know. Please include your full name and address in the email.

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Tax deductible receipts for $2 and over with a preference Relief & Development will be issued by the FEBC Relief Fund (ABN: 87 617 872 287).

Where specific projects become oversubscribed, funds will be allocated to supporting this ministry in 2020.

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