Gifts for a brighter future

  • Every day FEBC takes the message of Jesus to the hardest-to-reach people of the world.

  • We communicate the Good News among the nations by radio and other media, to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

  • Whatever gift you choose you will be giving hope for a brighter future.

  • To purchase multiple gifts please call our office on 1300 720 017 between Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm.
  • FEBC gift magnets available for each gift given

A battery, solar or wind-up radio is shared and used by up to 25 people…

Did you know millions of people have never heard the name Jesus?…

Our online and face-to-face courses are equipping people to share…

Thousands of women and young girls in India become victims of sex slavery, skin farming and human trafficking daily…

Many children in Ukraine live in poverty and suffer the effects of war. FEBC coordinates summer camps…

Millions of families, children and elderly are displaced around the world because of war and unrest. FEBC provide relief…

Help FEBC build a
for Chad, Northern Africa

  • Chad is largely a Muslim populated nation in need of the Gospel

  • FEBC uses radio and other media to engage and support those living in remote and dangerous communities such as Chad
  • Help FEBC build a new radio station to reach the 4 million people residing there
  • Donate any amount to this tax-deductible project
Click here to donate to the new radio station in Chad