The Unreached

Most Christians aren’t aware that more than 2 billion people have never heard about Jesus. If they do know, they don’t know what to do about it. It’s overwhelming. Radio and media is one of more

The Persecuted Church

In some of the most religiously intolerant nations in the world, where the persecution of Christians is often severe, it is FEBC radio and internet that reaches and supports faithful believers more

The Church in Community

The Church is uniquely placed to bring transformation to communities. Motivated by their faith, Christian groups serve their neighbours, often gaining more

Health and Justice

Jesus cares for the whole person - body, mind and soul - so FEBC’s projects and partners cover a wide range of issues that aim to bring people to “life in all its fullness”. Many of our projects have a focus on health and justice. When sickness and many deaths are caused by more

Displaced People

There are millions of displaced people across the world who are leaving their homes, families, and possessions to find sanctuary from violence and persecution: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, DRC and Iraq to name but a few. These are often areas weakened by years of war, more

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