Leave a lasting legacy through a bequest

We are thankful for the many supporters who have indicated they will be leaving a gift to FEBC in their Will. We are blessed with supporters who are intentional in their lives regarding the use of money to support the work of God’s Kingdom.

It is through the generosity and compassion of our faithful supporters, that FEBC has been able to reach people for Christ for over 70 years. You can ensure that your passion for the lost, the broken and the unreached will continue by leaving a Gift in Will to FEBC Australia.

After providing for your family first, leaving a Gift in Will ensures that a seed is planted and you’re supporting the work of FEBC Australia for years and generations to come. When God calls you home, you will not only continue to help the unreached to hear, the persecuted be encouraged, and the broken to heal, but you will be remembered for your lifelong commitment to Christ’s Commission. If you are updating or creating your will, or are considering leaving a gift to FEBC and have further questions, please call our office on 1300 720 017 where we would be glad to assist.