FEBC's Ethnic Languages of Southeast Asia (ELSEA) ministry fosters resilient communities, providing support networks that can help individuals resist or overcome challenges like drug addiction. By caring for those in the trap of addiction and through counselling, FEBC ELSEA empowers individuals to find purpose and strength in their journey towards recovery. Individuals go back to their villages healed, restored and with a zeal to minister to their communities.
FEBC ELSEA also focuses on provision of practical needs such as urgent repairs in homes for those who cannot afford it. Often marginalised, these people groups also find encouragement in our values focussed broadcasts, in-person visits, gatherings and games which bring communities together.

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“I found your shortwave station while trying to tune in my radio. I’ve never heard before such content in my mother tongue…listening about Jesus in my local language is amazing! I love Him, I pray to Him and now I walk with Him.”

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