A Lifeline in Drought and Deluge

    “After four years of devastating drought and food insecurity, no one was ready for this,” says the station manager of Vox Radio, FEBC’s partner in Tana River, Kenya. 

    Lethal flash floods have swept through Kenya and other East African countries following heavy rainfalls. Some villages have been completely submerged. Sadly, some deaths have been reported and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced. Crops and farm animals have also been decimated.  

    Many have found themselves internally displaced from the flash floods.

    Thankfully, before the rains arrived, Vox Radio had begun preparing the communities with flood-rated advice and information. When the floods struck, the community radio station became a lifeline. The station listened to the community, gave them a voice, and provided timely and crucial information. 

    Bringing the Community Together
    We rallied community leaders from the government, religious groups, and the broader network of development workers to share messages of hope, give direction, and reassure the affected communities. This fostered a sense of community resilience and unity,” shared the station chairman. Emergency care packs were also distributed. 

    FEBC’s partner Vox Radio station manager accompanies the District County Commissioner and other officials during a food distribution to displaced communities.

    The team brought emergency supplies to those internally displaced from the floods.

    Vitally, fresh water was also given to those internally displaced from the floods.

      So trusted is Vox Radio that one family rang the station when their house was submerged. The staff promptly alerted the authorities for the rescue.  

      The team also mentored vulnerable youths when they visited the temporary camps for internally displaced people.  

      FEBC's partner visits internally displaced communities from the floods in their tented sites, ministering to the youth, men and women.

      For the refugees'mental health, the team organised a day of fun activities.

      Vitally, fresh water was also given to those internally displaced from the floods.

        As the floodwaters recede, Vox Radio remains committed to supporting the community. “Even in the darkest times, the power of community-centred media can bring people together and help them rebuild,” Vox Radio’s Chairman adds.

        Thank you for your generosity in enabling Vox Radio to respond to the flood crisis. Please keep those affected in your prayers, praying for God's restoration, protection against diseases, and miraculous provision as agricultural resources they rely on have been destroyed.  

        Please continue to help us bring the generous love of God to those suffering in crises in practical ways. Donate now. 

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