An Introduction from Janet Cousens

It’s a privilege to be working with the FEBC family in my new role as the CEO and National Director. Since joining in February, 2024, I’ve enjoyed listening and learning from our staff and Board. It’s been a joy and an inspiration to meet our supporters here in Australia and our partners overseas. I thank everyone I’ve interacted with for the very warm welcome I’ve received.

As I listen to those we join with on our ambitious mission, to communicate the Good News among the nations by media, and to inspire people to follow Jesus, I feel both gratitude and anticipation.

I am greatly encouraged by the vision and strength of our partners overseas, and excited about new technologies which are enabling us to add to our foundations in radio, meaning more people will hear the gospel than ever before.

And I’m grateful for your commitment to championing our work, and for all our supporters who pray, encourage, share their experiences and their finances to enable our joint ministry to continue.

At the same time, I remain conscious that our partners, and the precious people we’re serving may be experiencing persecution because of their faith, may be living in conflict zones and or in poverty or other extreme circumstances, and so our work needs to be both considered and bold. We are also aware that inflation means many of us here in Australia are experiencing pressures on how we steward the finances God has given us.

I’m filled with optimism for our future together and look forward to doing my best to strengthen our work, contributing from my background in media and international aid, and as a Christian committed to ensuring those who are most vulnerable are not forgotten.

Thank you for welcoming me into this incredible FEBC family. I look forward to the journey ahead and the joy we’ll share as we hear of others who have come to know Christ.

With prayer and gratitude,

Janet Cousens
CEO/National Director, FEBC Australia

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