Warming Hearts with the Hope of Jesus

In Russia, Christmas is celebrated from December to January 7th, but as a feel-good, traditional holiday. Very few Russians ever opened the Bible. The bitterly cold Russian winter is a stark …

From Headhunters to Children of God

Deep in the heart of Philippine’s Sierra Madre Mountain lives a minority Bugkalot tribe. They were animistic believers and headhunters bound to the whims of animistic spirits. The terrain was challenging to penetrate, until FEBC reached them on the radio. Today they are free as children of God.

Hope for Hungry Hearts

Afraid. Grieving. Depressed. That is how more than half of Yemeni children are feeling, with more than one in five feeling this constantly. A far cry from the nation it once was in Biblical times, when it was under the rule of the Queen of Sheba. The country desperately needs the peace and hope that Jesus came to give more than 2000 years ago.

This is why I’m alive

Without their own country, the Hmong, like many other ethnic minority groups, are living difficult lives, often without a home. But with your partnership, FEBC is bringing hope to the unreached, persecuted and marginalised people groups living in remote highland locations. As FEBC shortwave and …