Birthing Mongolia’s Own Worship Songs

    Just 34 years ago, Mongolia was a communist country. There were four known Christians in the country where atheism was the official belief. 11 years later, in 2001, FEBC started the first Christian radio station in the new nation.  
    Today, 98% of Mongolia remains unreached. Atheism, ethnic religions, and Buddhism are still widely ascribed to. One of the major reasons is Christianity is seen as a Western, foreign religion. 

    Awakening Mongolians with Worship 

    The young Mongolian Church does not have its very own worship songs. Churches have been translating ‘imported’ songs. Yet Mongolians are fiercely proud of their culture, and music plays a big part of that culture. Having their own heartfelt songs will sing to the hearts of their own people. 

    FEBC Mongolia reached out to invite local churches to write their own worship songs. Some songs, such as ‘... For Me’, which talks about Jesus paying the debts of our sins once and for all, have become very popular. These sound out on the airwaves, awakening Mongols to a new freedom in Christ. 

    Watch the birthing of Mongolia's own worship songs:

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