Bringing the Kingdom to Kyrgyzstan

Struggling to be accepted, seeking desperately to be saved. This is the heart cry of so many in Kyrgyzstan, a country that has seen its share of persecution and devastation over the past several years. 

With a population of over 5,849,296 people, of which over 90% identify as Muslims, the small Christian community has gone through a period of intense circumstances.  

Yet, within this region, the Gospel message is still ringing out, loud and clear. FEBC Kyrgyzstan has been able to broadcast across the length and breadth of the land, with many coming to faith as a result of the Word sounding out on the airwaves. 

The situation is not easy. Primarily, due to the spread of COVID-19, with more and more cases as a result of the virus, with up to 1,400 cases per day; most of the cases coming from the capital Bishkek. Through our programs and broadcasts, we try and convey Biblical values and influences for society, and we believe that our work is necessary and important”, shares one of the managers from FEBC Kyrgyzstan.

View from one of the transmitters.

Six different stations broadcast the truth of God’s word across the country to over one million listeners. Listeners hear the life-changing messages daily as a result of the tireless efforts of FEBC in Kyrgyzstan. When other radio stations shut down during a political upheaval, FEBC Kyrgyzstan chose to remain open to serve the people as best as they could, in the name of the Lord Jesus.  

Zukhra, a small business owner, lives in a small village in Kyrgyzstan and recently contacted one of the FEBC Kyrgyzstan stations to share her story.  

I decided to call you because you are talking about what I need – hope. No one talks about things like that nowadays. With all my success as a businesswoman, I am dealing with a husband who is an alcoholic and a son who recently attempted to commit suicide, she shares. 

FEBC staff went to visit with Zukhra, bringing Christian literature, talking with her, and sharing the Gospel. Zukhra has been visiting a church in the nearby village for the past several months, and her son has also now accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.  

The power of the Good News has been able to transform many lives across the country of Kyrgyzstan, and it is through your support that the message of God’s Word continues to touch lives, bringing the Kingdom of God into the hearts of others. 

Seiil broadcasting the message of God's Word.

My father drank a lot. He was a driver and was gone a lot. When he came home, he got drunk. There were lots of fights with Mother, and he often beat her. In my childish imagination, I thought that somewhere far away there is an old man with a white beard who sees everything and is somehow in charge. Whenever I was sad or there was a problem at home, I went out and looked up to the sky, and talked with him. With tears in my eyes, I told him everything. Now I understand that I was talking with the living God”, FEBC staff Seiil shares. 

For Seiil, she somehow saw that the only way to change her situation was to cry out to God for help. 

As I contemplated suicide, I tried overdosing on pills. I also prepared a rope to hang myself. Somehow, I was always too afraid to go through with it. Now, I understand that God simply did not let that happen. Even then, God had his plan for me. And now, as a follower of Christ, I want to share the Good News with many. For ten years, I have been making Christian audio programs. I do believe that these radio programs will be of great help. My mom came to know the Lord five years ago. My father has stopped drinking and it has truly changed him. He is now respecting my mother. I am really thankful to the Lord for this. Please pray for us as expand the reach of FEBC’s radio ministry, so that through the radio many more souls will be touched. This is my dream,” Seiil testifies.  

Seiil's story


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