But Jesus Healed Me Completely

    The Siddhis of a southern Indian state are a unique community. Descended from Bantu peoples in Southeast Africa, they were brought to the Indian subcontinent as slaves. When slavery was abolished, many fled into the jungles, where most work as farmers today. Though assimilated into the Indian culture, they are often seen as outsiders and alienated. 

    But God has not forgotten the Siddhis.  

    Since December 1999, God has opened doors for FEBA to share the Good News with this community. Now the Gospel is heard through speaker boxers in 20 villages in the Kannada language. (Speaker boxes do not receive terrestrial broadcasts. Content is played from programmed SD cards.) A team conducts regular visits and works with a local pastor for follow-ups.   

    And God has been setting the captives free. Alcoholics have been set free from their addiction. People have experienced physical healing. Many families have been transformed. 

    A Siddhi girl. The Siddhi ethnic group in India originate from Southeast Africa.


    *Ratnama is one who has been impacted. Whilst carrying two pots of water on her head, Ratnama slipped and fell. She sustained a serious injury to her leg and hip. For months, she was unable to walk or even get up from bed. She was in terrible pain and needed assistance daily for even the most basic tasks. She sought treatment from different doctors, but none could help. Her emotional and mental health began to deteriorate rapidly. The situation seemed impossible to her, but not to God. 

    The FEBA team and the local pastor went to Ratnama’s house. They prayed for her and gave her the speaker box. Ratnama began to listen to the messages from the box. The Word of God began to work in her body and life. She began to regain strength in her legs. Every day she experienced the healing touch of God.  

    When the team visited Ratnama again, they found her completely healed! She exuberantly exclaimed, “I can dance, I can jump, and I can do all my work! Jesus healed me completely!” God turned Ratnama’s wailing into dancing; He removed her sackcloth and clothed her with joy (Psalm 30:11). 

    * Name changed for security reasons. 

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