Cambodia: Voices and Hands of Love

Voice of Love (VOL) Cambodia staff visited Kampong Speu province in the west of Cambodia with Kevin Keegan, Director of FEBC Australia towards the end of 2017. The staff listened to the testimonies of the listeners, and carried out listener surveys to assess the impact of VOL programs.

“To begin with we met 5 women in a village far from the city, who come from different churches. Two of them live 50km from the village where we met them, but they come here to listen to Voice of Love program together because the radio signal is excellent in this area,” said Kevin.
Near this village the team also met Pastor Lam Lay, a retired pastor whose son is now replacing him in his ministry. Many of the members of his church farm cows, and have big families. Pastor Lam Lay and his son help people make welIs, toilets, ponds, and teaches them about good cow feeding techniques.

One of the listeners said: “When I listen to Voice of Love – Family Radio I feel comfortable and at peace. I feel like a have a father and mother because they teach me. I love Family Radio Sunrise program because they help me grow in Christ.”
Kevin commented: “It’s always wonderful to remember that FEBC is always more than a voice of love from afar on the radio. It is the visits, the practical outreach into our communities, that enable us to produce relevant content that is needed by our listeners, as well as us being able to forge sustainable relationships.”

Radio brings Life Change
Our Cambodian team recently began surveying listeners to its Voice of Love shortwave and playerbox ministry. They ask one simple question: How has your life changed as a result Iistening?

Most of the life changes listeners reported were related to their family situation, including how Voice of Love has helped them love their family, stopped them being angry to children, or helping children to help their parents, or siblings love each other.

Equally often mentioned was change relating to overall positive emotions: listeners reported feelings of comfort, hope, relief of stress, and relaxation.
Also highly mentioned were changes that related to God and Jesus. Listening to the Voice of Love has helped listeners to love, serve and experience God as well as specific mentions of growing as a Christian, being a disciple of Jesus Christ, and gaining education from the word of God.

Other common changes in listeners’ lives were becoming encouraged, being educated by new knowledge, starting to help and love neighbours, and being aware of the poor and needy in society. Also encouraging were answers relating to becoming a kinder person and getting rid of anger.

Praise God!

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