“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

This year, we have faithful plans to place the mission of FEBC Australia in front of additional supporters and explore innovative ways of connecting with them. We are conscious that in order to meet our mission in the world—to communicate the Good News among the nations to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ—we are dependent on God’s providence. We are also dependent on our supporters—existing and new. Without new supporters, without growth, it becomes difficult to meet our mission.

I am also thankful to you, our partners who choose to give, pray, invite us to your churches to speak and act as our ambassadors. Together, we are aware that new supporters need to be nurtured and raised up. FEBC operates within a competitive giving marketplace and I am thankful to the FEBC Australia team for the creative ways they approach challenging fundraising tasks. Please know that the team are greatly encouraged by your feedback.

This April, we embark on a new and exciting campaign to encourage more faithful supporters to come to know the ministry of FEBC. God has been instrumental in orchestrating a project we have aptly named Going Global to broaden our mission of sharing the Good News.

FEBC will be partnering with eight Christian radio stations across the Hope Media network. These stations will be connecting with our field country leaders in Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Ukraine and Cambodia as they share through heartfelt interviews the stories and trials of their countries. Essentially, we will be Going Global if you may, by connecting with these five countries over five consecutive days and I’m incredibly excited for what God will do during this time.

We all know the life changing effect the gift of a radio can make. It opens hearts to hearing the name Jesus for the very first time in mother tongues. It brings hope to thousands of communities and families living in poverty, unsure of what tomorrow will bring. And it can serve as a lifeline for those who simply cannot go on. Throughout the campaign we will be asking listeners who hear our stories and interviews to go to www.febc.org.au and gift a $30 radio. An incredibly simple gesture but one that will transform many lives and help grow the ministry of FEBC Australia.

As partners of FEBC Australia, I hope you will join us in committing our plan to the Lord and help us share this upcoming event with family, friends and, most importantly, your church. I would be honoured to have an opportunity to speak at a deputation to share the incredible impact of the work our FEBC teams are doing around the globe.

Friends, I believe together we will ‘Let them Hear’ through this wonderful opportunity.

Please be encouraged by the stories and information shared in this edition of Skywaves. They are only made possible by your faithful prayers and support. Please stand with us, and ambassador for us, as we seek to communicate in new ways to engage others in this great mission.

In partnership,

Kevin Keegan
National Director, FEBC Australia

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