Continuing to support the persecuted church

Last year FEBC International received over 2,600,000 letters, SMS, emails and phone calls from people who tuned into FEBC radio broadcasts.

One listener in the Middle East wrote: “Thank you for your FEBC programs, which are our church and comfort in the persecution and struggles we face.”  Another: “We are two families in one home and wait for the Hope programs every day. We go underground so we are secure enough to listen.”

In persecuted countries, with no churches or pastors, FEBC broadcasts are often the only source of spiritual nourishment. With no theological seminars or training centres, broadcasts are training up leaders.  In places where it is risky to openly declare following Jesus, radio is one of the few safe ways to hear God’s word. Radios distributed by FEBC require no batteries, are wind-up or solar. Every effort is made so FEBC’s broadcasts are accessible to those most in need of hope and encouragement.

As persecution of Christians and the church continues to rise in China, FEBC has moved intentionally to support pastors and their flock. “Given the laws in China that now forbid children under 18 to attend church, FEBC has ramped up its children's programs. We are teaching the children Bible stories, introducing them to Jesus and the love, power, mercy, grace of God,” said Rev. Kevin Keegan, National Director, FEBC Australia.

Persecution in China brings both challenge and opportunity, said Rev. Keegan.  “If pastors are prevented from preaching in churches, FEBC will preach on radio and via internet. FEBC is focusing on internet streaming and mobile apps to share the Good News. Praise God for the results: thousands of new followers are listening on FEBC’s WeChat channel and more than 2 million downloading our streaming app.”

Given there is also a critical need for pastors in rural areas, FEBC uses mobile apps to train, equip, nurture and develop pastors via online study.  “Our online courses allow for self-directed learning, consisting of lectures and mini assignments and tests to progress pastors and ensure they comprehend the teaching received.”

Thousands of Chinese followers are listening on FEBC's WeChat channel.

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