FEBC supports refugees in crisis through relief and radio

Did you know? FEBC Radio's refugee Services, give hope and comfort to listeners.
Listeners are usually from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan; people who have fled their countries due to war, change of religion or problems with governments.

We fund the radio program as well as provide relief, impacting communities in Asia, Middle-East and Europe.
Most refugees have no rights to education or health and may not allowed to legally work. One of the beneficiaries testifies saying:

‘The FEBC team visited me and my wife; they gave me 5 kg of rice, frying oil and instant noodles. Their visit has strengthened me. I am grateful for their programs every night until morning.
Thank you!’

Listener follow-up happens via face-to-face, social media and apps. Audience consists of listeners of all ages and all nationalities; usually from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan to name a few; people who have fled their countries due to war, change of religion or repressive regimes. Our producers are refugees themselves and ‘The Voice of the Refugee’ is produced by refugees for refugees.

Their talks are very easy to understand and a fun way for a refugee to spend his/her time on podcasts despite their situation. 

Impact of this program can be seen in Malaysia, India and other South Asia and South East Asia as well as Europe particularly Turkey. FEBC provides much needed relief and practical support such as food, clothing and counselling in countries where we operate.

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