Cambodian Family

Family Healing and growth plans for Cambodia

The success of Cambodia’s Voice of Love programming continues, with many changes being seen in lives of listeners. Callers to the station express how they have been impacted by the programs that teach about love and healthy marriages.

Recently the team ran seminars at Takeo Province using the mango tree as illustration: care for the tree, water it, give it fertilizer, it will be fruitful and the fruit will have a sweet taste. The same is true, the seminar teaches, for life in the family. Problems come but if husbands and wives can care, help, respect each other and invite Jesus to do His part in the family, it will contribute to a harmonious relationship.

As one listener says: “Family radio has blessed me, and I encourage my church members to listen too. I want people to believe in God. I’m happy listening to your radio station and I want people to feel the same as me.

Planning to expand FEBC’s reach in Cambodia continues, with the team investigating mobile and internet streaming opportunities. “The goal would be to reach a new target audience beyond our FM signal in the city and urban areas around Phnom Penh, and further outside into the Cambodian countryside,” said field director Sam Phal Makara. “We also seek to develop two more relay stations in Battambang and Siem Reap provinces. These provinces contain large populations and it would enable us to reach more listeners by FM signal. From this, we could reach one or two million additional people.”

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