FEBA Pakistan sharing hope and moving mountains

 Christians, who form around two percent of Pakistan’s population, are regularly targeted because of their faith. Even among the minorities, Christians are particularly singled out simply because they are visible. Living predominantly in urban slum areas, they are poorest among their communities. Sadly, most feel a loss of identity, isolation, and a deep sense of alienation.  The team at FEBA Pakistan are working extremely hard to provide hope to the oppressed, marginalized and persecuted in their country. FEBA Pakistan Director, Saleem Shahzad, shares: “We are providing community-centred FM radio programs that engage with, interact, inform and educate local communities. We believe they are helping to change attitudes, improve human rights, and build bridges within the communities.”

FEBA Pakistan broadcasts are integrated in such a way that audiences listening from various platforms, whether FM, shortwave or social media, are directed towards the appropriate follow-up teams. Counsellors connect with and provide support to listeners, going deeper with those showing interest in Christianity. 

They are doing this through text messages, online meetings, phone calls, letter writing, and sometimes meeting them in person at safe places. FEBA Pakistan’s programs are sharing hope and moving mountains as the Good News reaches into some of the most unreached communities in the country. Because of this many hearts are being led to follow Jesus Christ. Saleem continues: 

“By the grace of God, we are connecting with youth, men, women, and families through these broadcasts. We are supporting them through our community development programs, including COVID safety training, health and hygiene, education, and women empowerment. We are reaching many of our listeners in the languages of their hearts. They are hearing the message of God’s love for them and are eager to learn more.” 

We praise God that despite many challenges FEBA Pakistan is availing the opportunities to share the love of God with the unreached and hard-to-reach communities in Pakistan.

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