FEBC Philippines extends Muslim Outreach Ministry

We praise God for His continuing presence in the Philippines as FEBC celebrates 73 years of broadcasting ministry this year. As their people continue to contend with unemployment and poverty due to the pandemic, FEBC Philippines is going to great lengths and reaching many hearts both on-air and on the ground. 

1197 DXFE Radio Station Manager Magnolia Yrsyegui has worked for many years in the city of Davao (a region where many of the Muslim population of the Philippines reside). Magnolia hosts a daily program called ‘Moments of Grace’, and recently her team launched the first-ever community pantry for their listeners. It has been an incredible opportunity for FEBC Philippines to minister to and collaborate with members (primarily Muslim) of the community to provide assistance and the message of hope to many struggling families. 

Magnolia shares: “When our Muslim brothers and sisters, many of whom are leaders within their villages heard through our programs about the initiative, they were the first to offer support to collect and pack the produce for their puroks. They have taken the time to volunteer and are grateful for the blessing to their people.”

Magnolia explains that a purok is a group of between one and 10 families within a small community. The community pantry is an initiative that also serves as an encouragement and example for people to not only take what they need but if they are able, to give what they can to bless others. 

As the word has spread through FEBC radio programs and among the communities, it has become a great success with many donations arriving each week. Over 970 families have received assistance so far. One delighted father said, “I heard about the pantry through your radio program and I was able to get vegetables and rice to cook for my family. I am so grateful for the blessings.”

Magnolia continues: “We are praying this initiative will continue so we can connect with more people of our community to share God’s love in practical ways. We also have an area with Bibles for people to take, and many have also been blessed with a radio to listen to at home.” 

Over the years, God has prompted Magnolia to reach out to her Muslim neighbours. “I just knew that God wanted me to do something, but I did not know what that something was. He is so amazing, and allows us to go to Muslim areas not pretending to be somebody else – we go as Christians. Through our programs and outreach ministries, we connect with them from a place of love. Please remember us in prayer.”

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