FEBC Philippines share Christmas with the marginalised

We are delighted to share with you the inspirational work of FEBC Philippines and the Radyo Gandigan team through the Family Outreach Programs.

In December 2020, 800 families and 500 children, residing in 12 of the most restricted and impoverished
Muslim communities, were given a COVID-19 Christmas package.

Included were a radio, gifts for the children, washable face masks, a face shield and sanitisers to provide hope and continued protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These 12 communities are located in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, Philippines (ARMM), where sadly civil conflict is a regular occurrence. Health and social services are limited leaving
this region significantly marginalised. As a consequence, it is one of the poorest regions in the Philippines.

Generally, Muslim families are not allowed to celebrate Christmas or acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ. However, because of the trust and continuous relationship that FEBC Philippines has built for 20 years through broadcasts and on-the-ground practical
support, they have been permitted to provide a Christmas Outreach program for the past two years.

Dan Cura, President of FEBC Philippines, shares, “We want these communities to feel love and experience God’s abundance in this time of pandemic. As we visited the villages, we were met with cheers and smiles from the children. Their happy faces and
comforted spirits filled our hearts with joy.

Through this ministry, we have built a deeper trust and friendship within the Muslim communities.

At a time when they needed it most, these families have received God’s blessings through practical acts of love. They were touched by the surprise distribution, in particular the gift of the radio, so they could continue hearing the Good News.

I want to commend the sacrifices made by the staff and volunteers who travelled to distribute these packages during strict restrictions and of course our unpredictable monsoonal conditions.”

The ministry of FEBC has proven there are really no limits to the radio. With a radio, even the most unsuspecting hearts can hear the gospel and come to understand the unconditional love of Jesus.

Our radios enable us to reach more people in more places. The gift of a radio will change lives. Just one can introduce God to an entire village. Please continue to pray for the team in the Philippines as they serve.

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