Did you know that just $876 will feed an entire village of around 20 families for a month?

Our Thailand teams are working with the remote Kim Mun Ethnic minority groups where entire villages are struggling greatly during COVID-19. Upon hearing our broadcasts, the local teams have received many requests from listeners for support. FEBC will endeavor to provide up to 100 Kim Mun families food parcels containing rice, oil, noodles, salt and basic medicines in the upcoming months.

In Ukraine the story is similar, unemployment is at record levels, people are scared and many are displaced after hastily returning home from being abroad in search of work. The teams in Ukraine are supporting listeners who are in the greatest of need.

FEBC Ukraine director shares: “We answer about 60 phone calls a day, including many whose needs are especially critical. During COVID-19, the desperation is great. A lot of people are scared and many are losing hope during this time. Our teams are working around the clock to provide online and over the phone counselling and practical support directing callers to other sources of assistance. We are also providing small food packages including essentials such as rice, flour and sugar to show them God’s love in a practical way.”

We have uploaded a a short two minute video below of what is happening in Ukraine at present and how FEBC is relied upon as a source of hope for thousands in desperate need.

In Kyrgyzstan our teams are hearing of horrific cases of domestic violence. Women, and even children are calling the stations desperate to speak with a friendly voice, for counselling support and unconditional love. Unfortunately enforced lockdown and the stress of unemployment has caused an exorbitant increase in alcohol abuse and violence within the home. FEBC is not only producing program content around these issues to inform and comfort listeners who have been silenced within their homes, but also providing them with hundreds of hours of online and phone counselling.

“My world right now is in turmoil, but I feel blessed listening to this program. It makes me still, I can meditate on the words of love and more importantly, it reminds me that whatever burdens I carry, I am never alone. Your programs and the voices sharing them bring
me comfort.” – FEBC Listener

Even in the face of a pandemic, FEBC is providing both practical acts of love and the Good News of Jesus to bring hope, strength and comfort to people living with intense fear and anxiety. Our programs are reaching into areas that no one else can and are providing listeners with a lifeline. God has given us the privilege of being His voice, His hands and His feet.

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