Frequency – Pray for the Refugees in Indonesia

In 2018, we intend to bring you the opportunity to hear from our team in Indonesia, ministering to refugees through radio, listener groups and aid packages of shoes, clothes and toys.

  • Many Iranian and Afghan listeners have been baptised in different locations in Indonesia – including in detention centres.
  • Listener groups are growing – many refugees gather together across towns and cities in Indonesia, as well as refugees in Germany, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Northern Australia who tune into the program via digital streaming.
  • Prayer and discipleship: on-air teams take prayer requests and visit those who are in spiritual need. They teach and encourage listeners to build their relationship with Christ.

There are now more asylum seekers and refugees in the world than ever before. The United Nations’ Refugee Agency’s annual Global Trends report shows the number of people now fleeing violence and persecution is approaching 66 million. That’s more than the population of the United Kingdom and nearly three times Australia’s population. The conflict in Syria and the breakdown of peace effort in South Sudan have been the biggest contributing factors.

The Word of God is prolific about our responsibility for those in need: So, when we pray for the world’s refugee crisis, remember to:

  • Consider the individual people, families and communities that have been torn apart by conflict. Think what it would mean for you to leave everything behind and travel to a new place; pray for comfort for those who may have witnessed awful scenes of terror.
  • Pray for their safety. For safe passage over land and sea. Pray for protection from those who would take advantage of them, like human traffickers and rebels involved in fighting. Pray for God to instil hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.
  • Pray for the caregivers: the agencies, volunteers and individuals who give time, money, goods, space in their homes, to create safe and welcoming havens. Pray for strength as they hear heart-wrenching stories. Pray that enough resources are always available to help any situation that may be encountered.
  • Pray for political leaders: when budgets are tight it can be tempting to ignore those most in need. Helping refugees is a selfless act, not an act that delivers political gain. Pray for selflessness amongst our leaders.
  • Pray for boldness: we can all feel overwhelmed about what can be done. Pray to God how you can best offer assistance. Pray for His help to overcome complacency.
  • Pray for peace: Our God is the God of peace. Pray His hand is upon situations fraught with anger and discord. That He calm hearts, that His love descends upon battlefields.
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