Frequency – Testimony from Siberia

"I began listening to FEBC two years ago. I was curious. Soon I began noticing that life without your broadcasts in it felt empty. As I continued to listen, I noticed I began praying in my thoughts. God was becoming a part of my life.

Then I began reading the Bible. Thank you for your guidance in this, as it helped me know the books to start with. Because I was prepared and encouraged by your broadcasts, the Bible became a source of strength.


It was a wealth of discovery for me. After several months of this incredible adventure of faith, I decided to visit a church.

Friends, what joy it was. I was amazed by the sincerity and love of the people around me. It was a different world. It was my first time in an evangelical church. The sense of love and acceptance was unmistakable.   While I could not call these people brothers and sister yet, I knew I belonged there.

Well, that was a while ago. I am writing to you today because my most passionate, fervent prayer has been answered. Today my wife, the love of my life, was baptised. I am the happiest man alive because of Jesus and FEBC. May the Lord reward each one of you and each one of your supporters.”

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