Heart to Heart: Eyes on Eternity

John is 73, has been married for 51 years, and has three children. To John, our response to God is the most critical decision in life; it will last into eternity. That decision came early for John.

Suffering severe allergies as a child, he doesn’t remember much about that time but does remember being in his cot and looking up and seeing Jesus sitting there. This may have been when he became a Christian.

Eyes on Eternity
John has had a varied work life, including working on a farm, in administration, and at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. He has suffered many health issues over the years but remains thankful to God despite his struggles.

He learnt a long time ago that when he starts to feel sorry for himself, he thinks about the places in the world that would be terrible to be in, like Ukraine. Of his chronic fatigue and burnout, John describes it in jest, like “a battery in your back gives you energy, and then suddenly, someone takes it out.”

In the Christmas of 2006, God gave John a pivotal revelation. John was lamenting to God, saying, “Why God?” God responded that the remark should be, “Wow, God!”

“When things go wrong in life, those experiences grow and shape us with what will last into eternity. If we sit down and cry about what tomorrow may bring, then we’ll waste what He has in store for us today,” John shares with deep conviction.

Living by Faith
One of the trials John went through was bankruptcy. It was at this time that John started to donate to FEBC as an act of faith. A story in Skywaves moved him. It was about a young boy in a Muslim country who became a Christian by listening to FEBC on the radio in secret. His sister discovered him one day and said, “You’re a Christian too!”. The children continued to listen in secret but were soon found out by their parents. It turns out their parents had already been listening to the radio themselves and had become Christians too!

John’s love for God and unflinching focus on His plan are evident as he gets excited talking about God. “It’s such an honour that God uses us for His purposes.”

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