Heart to Heart: Faithful Centenarian

It’s not every day that someone turns 102, and this year, longtime partner Margaret did! The centenarian has walked a long journey with God.  

She first heard about Jesus on her mother’s lap when she was about five or six. “But then through Sunday school, church and different involvements, I realised my need of Jesus. I’ve been growing in my knowledge of God through God’s Word ever since. It’s a growing process. Through large battles, the Lord is with me. Growing my knowledge in Him,” Margaret shared humbly.  

Some of the largest battles Margaret went through were not the Great Depression or World War II. They involved those closest to her. After the war, Margaret’s brother drowned. Then her sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After this, she faced the loss of her father through heart attack, and then having to send her mother to a nursing home. All these hurt Margaret deeply. 

But Margaret’s faith never wavered. “Through large battles, the Lord is with me. We have hope. As a Christian you know where you are going. The Lord Jesus paid the price for your salvation. And you are just so glad and thankful.” 

Her adoration for the Lord Jesus shines through in a life of service to others and for His mission. “I’ve been with FEBC forever, so to speak,” Margaret jests. She shares passionately, “I see the need. There is a great need for it. It’s a voice and it’s a Godly voice. It crosses boundaries. It goes into the countries where the Gospel can’t be preached. The people can listen and hear it and respond. In places where there is no knowledge of God, it just changes lives! Very necessary!” 

International Women’s Day falls in March, and Margaret has some advice for women today. For single women like herself, she says: “God knows what’s best. Unless you meet the right person, you are much better single.” And for all: “Be in a Bible-based church, be involved in Bible studies, with the work in the church, read your Bibles and train up a child in the way he or she should go.”  

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