Heart to Heart: Trash to Eternal Treasure

Eight hours a day, three to four days a week of hard manual labour. No holidays. Would you take on this job? Graham and Sandra have been doing this, unpaid, for eight years. The couple faithfully volunteer their time and money to scrap metal to fundraise for missions.  

Tireless Volunteers
They begun when Graham was 71 years-old. The couple is not slowing down. “I’ll keep doing it while my health is good,” Graham shares. The longest break the couple has had is just two weeks! 

The pair have always been mission conscious. They have partnered with FEBC for 20 years. “We mainly want the missions who preach the Gospel, as well as provide humanitarian aid. FEBC covers all that,” Graham explained.  

Need for God
“We know we couldn’t live without the Lord, and we want other people to realise their need of Him,” Sandra shares with conviction. The couple tragically lost their three-year-old son to cancer. “We spent a part of our early married life being fairly wishy-washy. About a year before he died, we grew in our walk with the Lord. He was just so very real and so close to us then. He got us through that.” 


Graham and Sandra’s backyard can sometimes be filled with items that will be scrapped to fundraise for missions.

The size of the task can sometimes be daunting. “At times the picked-up items cover most of our backyard, waiting to be dismantled and sorted,” Sandra shares. But the love of God motivates them. Romans 8:38-39 are their favourite Bible verses. “Knowing that no one can take God’s love away from us is very encouraging.” 

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