Heart-to-Heart: Worship Unto God

Erin Betteridge has been raising funds for missions for over 20 years. The veteran fundraiser does so using her musical gift, which she has dedicated to the Lord. She composes, plays, rearranges and records songs of worship and timeless hymns and Gospel songs or re-creates classic hymns and sells the CDs to fundraise, and she loves it!  

Born in India to parents who supported missionaries, Erin’s awareness for missions was fostered at a young age. She would later spend two years in Papua New Guinea as a support missionary.                  

Todate, Erin has released two vocal albums and four volumes of ‘Gospel Keys’ instrumental music. ‘Music for Missions’, the ministry Erin has set up, has developed and grown. Erin counts as a privilege to support FEBC, a ministry she grew up with.  

“We are called to use our talents and not to bury them,” Erin shares. 

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