Improving family wellbeing and faith in Cambodia

FEBC’s ministry outreach is increasing in Cambodia through our Voice of Love Family FM broadcasts. FEBC Cambodia Executive Director Samphal Makara and his team are dedicated to reaching as many listeners as possible, sharing the Good News and providing advice and education to build supportive and positive families.

“Over the past 6 months we have been broadcasting programs on holistic family living – our aim is to reach and encourage families to make positive changes. Success is measured in the testimonies shared by our audience. Listeners call and express how their lives have been changed, which has brought much love, encouragement and motivation for our team in 2019,” shared Makara.

Recently, the FEBC Cambodia team travelled to visit listeners in Kratie Province in the northeast region of the country. A large group gathered to meet the team and listen to FEBC’s Comfort at Night program, airing on Family FM. The signal in this area is very weak and so the team were able to show and encourage them to listen to the broadcast through the FEBCambodia website and Facebook Live page. The listeners were excited to hear that. FEBC Cambodia is working towards further broadcast relay sites to improve broadcast signals across the country.

The Cambodia team also participated in a large concert hosted by a local church in Prey Veng Province (pictured right). FEBC broadcasts were promoted to almost 1,000 people, many radios and Family FM gift bags were distributed to the new believers and locals. Makara was delighted with the number of supporters who attended, “We were privileged to be welcomed by so many. Their stories of how FEBC has helped them were inspiring.”

"My name is Phat Chreb. Family Radio has encouraged me to use kind words to other people. I have practiced myself using good words to also encourage my family. I am thankful to God because now my children have followed my example. I took this verse from Proverbs 15:1 “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger”. It reminds me to change and for our family be a good example to others. I always listen to Family FM even when I feel bad or have problems. It makes me feel stronger and keeps my life positive. Family Radio is my friend.”

We continue to praise God for these testimonies and pray the Holy Spirit will minister into their hearts as we share the good news with them.

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