The hands and feet of Jesus in Indonesia during COVID-19

A small FEBC broadcasting team in Jakarta came up with a really big idea… To feed thousands of out-of-work people.

Indonesia is a nation of over 260 million people, mostly Muslim. In the major cities many people live very simple lives, making only enough each day to provide for that day, possibly a little more. A recent FEBC program asked listeners “What can we do together to help the people of our city who’ve lost their income due to Covid19?” A simple question on the radio gave rise to numerous great ideas from listeners. Heartline Care was the answer – a scheme to feed the thousands of ‘Online Drivers’ across Jakarta by providing a good daily meal. Online drivers make deliveries by motorcycle, but if the city is locked down, they have no income. And there is no government subsidy that we are fortunate to receive here.

FEBC broadcast an invitation to listeners to donate food and funds. Some listeners are cooks who are currently unemployed and have made themselves available to help. The gifts are turned into packaged lunches to bless the drivers. Each day, the station broadcasts where the teams are distributing the lunches, and hungry listeners can go and receive a good meal.

Please pray for the safety and courage for all the staff as they work with the restrictions and avoid the virus. Praise God for the generosity and sacrifice of listeners and supporters as they provide small parcels of hope during lockdown.

Click Here to Donate to FEBC Radio Relief Programs during COVID-19
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