Indonesia reaching M.O.R.E with the gospel and God’s Love

The main focus and priority of FEBC is to preach the gospel as widely and as far as possible through various forms of radio and media.

The first stop in our 'Going Global' issue is Indonesia. Home to the largest Muslim population, and the fourth most populated country in the world (275 Million people), Indonesia consists of 714 ethnic groups and has more than 1,000 local languages.

FEBC Indonesia has initiated a project aptly titled M.O.R.E (Mission Outreach Radio Expansion). It aims to reach five hundred thousand more listeners in collaboration with Christian radio networks in Indonesia. Through the M.O.R.E network, the Word of God is preached by 105 partner stations for approximately 210 hours a day, reaching listeners in large cities and vastly remote areas. As a result, the teams are receiving hundreds of testimonies of blessings and comfort experienced by listeners.

With the current conditions, I'm very blessed by the program 'Bible Drama'. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult for us to go to church. Thank you for this program which has been a blessing to us and so many.” – Listener from Cianjur, West Java.

We really cannot underestimate the power of radio. The programs aired are not only sharing God’s word with many who have never heard before but also providing educational, health, and practical information.

Additional programs are also aired via shortwave for seven ethnic groups (Bahasa/Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, Minangnese, Buginese, Makasserese, and Sasaknese).

As part of their outreach, the team distributes thousands of radios each year to people who are unable to purchase their own.

FEBC Indonesia also provides disaster response, broadcasting to assist listeners struggling in the aftermath of natural catastrophes.

Currently, the FEBC team in Indonesia manages 149 stations plus a further 105 within the M.O.R.E network. However, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many stations are struggling with limited operational funds. Others are facing closure due to Muslim protestation. During these difficult times, we pray that God will intercede and provide funding and resources so our teams and partners can continue His important work of broadcasting the gospel, and bringing more listeners to Himself.

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