Lifting Up Fathers, Transforming Families

Mongolia: the “land of the blue sky” has sadly seenincreased domestic violence during COVID-19. Therefore, FEBC Mongolia’s Family Radio has been broadening its programming and ismaking tremendous inroads in tackling this issue. In the city of Nalaikh where 40,000 families reside, the station has been uplifting fatherhood in its programs. Practical talks, peer-to-peer sessions, and children hosts sharing their thoughts on the role of fathers is transforming mindsets. This FEBC Mongolia/FEBC Australia pilot project is now being expanded across the country.  
What our listeners say: 
I have learned from the family programs an important quote that I keep repeating to myself: ‘Always together, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.' My husband is the breadwinner and he does his best in trying to provide for us, even if it means he needs to travel far and stay apart from us. From the programs, I have also learned ideas on how to rebuild family relationships and strengthen the family atmosphere.”   

You deal with topics that are not often talked about and we have not learned about these topics from our parents.”   

“Hearing the children speak has softened my heart and made me want to be a better father.”  

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