Listener quotes July ’18

“Three years ago my church pastor gave me a portable radio from FEBC. Since then, I’ve become a captive audience to your broadcasts and I’m spending more time studying God’s Word. I became very nervous and pessimistic after my husband died, but now my attitude is changing. Now I live with the love of God. Thank you.”

“I don’t think my life is missing anything now because God is with me. The Word of God has changed my life in a good way and not only myself but my family as well.”

“We’ve been looking for the truth about God, who can give eternal life. Your radio messages about Christ have touched our hearts, and we have decided to give up Buddhism and follow the true God.”

“I was against the truth about Jesus and it took me such a long time to come to this far. Today when I listened to your program my heart is happy and I am joyful that I have now decided to follow Jesus Christ because of what I have heard today through your program.”

“One day, my husband heard from Family FM about anti- smoking which made him listen to this station continuously. Afterwards, he felt something different, calm and love in his heart, so he opened his heart to accept Jesus as his saviour. He quit smoking and now I have no bounds to my happiness that we all are united as one in the body of Christ. Thank you Family FM.”

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