Listener quotes May ’17

“I was into drinking, smoking and was a gangster in my village. I used to threaten my villagers to get something/somebody I want… I thank Family FM for helping me to transform from my life at the past which was so terrible. It has taught me to grow in faith, to keep hope, to be patient and to love my precious family. May this station be encouraging to everyone and may it bring more believers in Jesus Christ.”

“Greetings to all of the radio team on This Life has an Answer program. I am now going to Church often. I am joining in the prayer times and have happiness in joining them together. This helps me have increased strength in living my life. I also want to tell you that I have a wonderful Father who loves me and is loveable – that is God. Previously I didn’t know Jesus Christ and I was a person with a hot temper. When I came to know God, Jesus Christ has changed my life a lot from a hot temper to having patience.”

“Your programs are just fantastic and I am really lifted. When I heard you say about Christianity that it is not the religion but the love fellowship I was confounded; we Muslims don’t have anyone who loved and died for us. Only in Christianity is where we can find peace and love while in Islam you hear a lot of wars. Therefore we need such kind of messages as well as your help; if you could extend listening time to an hour the better!”

“I was against the truth about Jesus and it took me such a long time to come to this far. Today when I listened to your program my heart is happy and I am joyful that I have now decided to follow Jesus Christ because of what I have heard today through your program.”

“FEBC, it’s like bread. My children sing along to it, it is like a good seed in their hearts. It will grow and bring fruit.”

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