Listener quotes November ’17


“I had many bitter experiences in my life and some people in
my life were responsible for that. I was bitter towards them all
these years. Last week your program on bitterness and anger
helped me to realize that my bitterness was contributing to
my ill health and depression. Thanks for opening my eyes.”


“I became a Christian since 1993 and I listened to your
program with shortwave radio in the past. Thanks to the
Lord that we can listen to it through online app nowadays.”


“If I tried to tell about all the blessings from God, there’s not
enough paper. From the time I started studying your Bible
lessons, I’ve experienced much joy. I also share them with
others who are not yet believers and they, too, have turned
to Christ. This is the greatness of our God! He will use us if we
say ‘Please use me’. May all the glory be to God! Thank you to
the FEBC team. May the Lord give you strength”.


“My life has changed because I listened to your programs and
trusted God. Please continue broadcasting to my people. All of
your programs are like a good meal that I want to eat every day”.

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