Listener quotes September ’17


North China

“Recently, I found your programs in a WeChat group … Now I can listen to the programs anywhere and anytime and will not be restricted by broadcast time slots. Radio Liangyou has been a great help to me. I need God to lead my life in all matters regardless of their importance and so pray to Him every day. Bible verses are always quoted in “Manna in the Wilderness”, and they are just like God’s messages to help me respond to life’s circumstances with extra wisdom.”


“I listened to the program “There’s Still the Dawn” this afternoon. It was a male DJ speaking Isaan language. I heard him speaking about God and also about Jesus. I am interested. I am phoning in to ask for a Bible to read. I want to read it very much.”


“After I moved to Siem Reap, I was not able to access the frequencies of Family FM and over time my faith was getting weaker and I used to feel so lonely. But nowadays, I have been listening to this radio station through Facebook… My health was getting worse and I was near death. Praise the Lord, I received some help from my church believers and my surgery was successful. Throughout this difficult passage of time, Family FM has been my strong support. I am so much grateful for how this station has been encouraging and changing my life.”

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