Listener quotes September ’18

“Your broadcast on self-esteem, especially, for women in our society was very interesting. Loving yourself is not identical with selfishness. I agree that it is good to love God’s creation within ourselves. It would not be godly to create something bad or ugly. His creation is good, beautiful and original. Just the thought in this direction boosts my self-esteem… to be thankful to God for His generous mercy and grace… All this leads to real peace within us and sincere appreciation to our Creator.”

“My husband, who used to attend a Buddhist College and held me back from attending chapel services, has met God a while ago. Now he will be honoured as a senior elder next weekend. I thank God for the His endless love upon us.”

“We like listening to biblical programs. We listen to the radio as we work and afterwards my husband and I share with each other what we have learned while listening the programs.
Every day we dedicate time to pray and read Bible and we believe in growing up by faith. I have recently been studying the difference between right and wrong and how to deal with my family. It is a blessing to live with joy and peace of God. God bless you.”

“I am 27 years old and still single. I got a good education, have a great job, very hopeful future. In your broadcast you talk about faithfulness in marriage, etc. That scares me to death, to commit to one woman for life. Is that really God’s plan? You have great arguments in favour of such a godly marriage. I will keep listening. Maybe you will convince me, that God’s way, as you put it, will be the best for me.”

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