Families following Jesus in Mongolia

“My family is four members. My wife and I have one son and also one daughter. When we believed in Buddha and Shaman, we started to listen to Wind FM 104.0 in Erdenet city. We have been listening to it since in 2015 the station was launched in there.

Firstly, my wife and I liked to listen to and connect to on air to get melody greeting. Then, we started to listen to family targeted programs, those programs and contents had been encouraged to us and our family daily life and communication. But, we did not listen to a Biblical programs. because those Christian programs were incompatibility with our religious. So we turn radio off when Biblical program was broadcasted.

Soon Galcom radio had been being turned on night and day by my son because of turned radio on, our mind and heart had been affected by Biblical words and man’s preaching through the Bible. So our family felt becoming greater and better than before. We all together accepted Him as our Savior. Now every Sunday we attend in a church ‘Salvation house’ in Erdenet city.”

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