Frequency Partners Update 2020

FEBC hopes to install the Osh FM station by July 2020. As with any new station there are considerable expenses for set up, equipment and programming. Below is a brief summary of some things that will need to happen in the coming months to see the new station in Osh up and running.

  1. The purchase and installation of a new transmitter and antenna. Both will need to be sourced from abroad and brought into Kyrgyzstan. This exercise requires extensive travel and set up by the team. Since it is currently winter and snow is an inhibiting factor, the team will have to wait until early Summer before they can begin the journey to install (June 2020). The cost of acquiring and installing the transmitter and antenna is $43,000.
  2. Smooth operations for the first 12 months. The team are planning to lease a space for the main broadcasting centre near Osh. The advantage of this location is that it allows broadcasting signals to cover the largest possible territory. It also has access to reliable electricity, which is imperative in running and maintaining a radio station. Additionally, there will be an onsite engineering and maintenance team monitoring broadcasts and solving any issues to avoid any lengthy interruptions to programs. The investment for operations for the initial year, including some of the programming is budgeted at approximately $20,000. Please pray God will provide these funds so that the people of Osh and surrounding regions can hear the Good News.
  3. Studio Equipment and Local Hosts. It is expected that there will be a local Christian talk-show providing broadcasts from Osh. The host will require a computer, 2 microphones and a small mixer. This would enable broadcasts from Osh to be personalised and more relevant to the people listening including sharing current events with other cities in Kyrgyzstan. The cost to fund the local host and the equipment required is $8,000.

Kyrgyzstan Listener Story

A broadcaster took a taxi ride and heard the driver listening to an FEBC broadcast. They discussed it together on their journey in the taxi and here is what the driver shared:

“This radio station has changed my life, literally turned it upside down. 10 years ago my father passed away. Due to inheritance problems I got in to a fight with my older brother. I was so angry at him that I didn’t talk with him for many years. A year ago I came across your radio station. There was a broadcast on forgiveness. I was convinced that I needed to forgive my brother, in order to have peace with God. So I overcame my own pride and visited my brother. That became the beginning of a major change in my spiritual life and the start of a new relationship with Jesus…”

Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for the opportunity given in Osh, and pray for sufficient funds to be raised, safe travels and a successful installation process of the transmitter and antenna.
  • FEBC Kyrgyzstan is still in its early stages. Training of leadership, as well as programming is very important. Please pray for the team as they lead, produce and broadcast programs to the many people who have never heard of Jesus.
  • Pray that the few churches in Kyrgyzstan will become strong partners with FEBC in reaching the unreached. Pray for good relationships through follow-up to be established and listeners to become or join a local fellowship of believers.
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