May Listener Testimonies

“I listened for four years then got in contact with you. And when you came, I decided to follow Jesus. I told my wife that it was time to destroy our idols and she cried. But I assured her, if we build our house on a good foundation, then we don’t have anything to worry about. Ever since I’ve received Christ as Lord, I’ve had a peace in my heart. Wherever I go, I know He’s with me.” - Shan Listener

“Your radio program speaks to us and clarifies well the issues that we meet. It helps us to strengthen our homes, our culture, and teaches us of God’s love. Your broadcasts bring healing to many.” - Listener Mozambique

“These verses are really heart touching. I must say, how differently you are presenting your God in this selfish world. Keep sharing these lovely words as they bring hope, love and kindness to many like me.” – Listener Indonesia

“Through your guiding and loving programs on shortwave radio, I came to know Christ about 5 years ago. Although I have gone through very difficult times due to my new faith, I thank God that He has protected and rescued me from the hands of the persecutors and saved me and my wife. Now I am living here and listening to your broadcast on radio and social media as well.” Listener Pakistan

“In the city I was raised in there were no Christians or churches. The word ‘Christian’ was used to describe someone unclean. But I was not convinced. I decided to read the bible and the rest is history. God spoke to me and I have a relationship with Jesus now." Testimony from a man who is now a producer at Iraq FM.

 “I volunteer with soldiers who are bed-ridden after being wounded in the combat zone. I’m going to tell everyone about your station. I have found a new life in Christ through listening to your station!” Listener Ukraine.

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