Listener Testimonies

"Your programs have helped me express deeply my love and worship for Christ. My challenging journey is strengthened through your broadcasts, which are always with me." – FEBC Listener, Philippines

"We've been looking for the truth about God, who can give eternal life. Your radio messages about Christ have touched our hearts, and we have decided to give up Buddhism and follow the true God." - FEBC Listener, Myanmar

When I first tuned into FEBC's Liangyou station, my life was at its most hopeless. I felt suicidal. When my cousin learned of my pain he traveled from Shenzhen to visit me with a small radio and recommended I tune into Liangyou. I have listened ever since. In the past two years you have walked beside me through the most trying times of my life. I was hurting and weak and Liangyou offered me encouragement and helped me find the courage to live. I am indeed grateful." – FEBC Listener, China

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