Music to your ears

Music, singing and praise are closely connected with Christian growth and the wondrous miracle of sinful people being reconciled to a sinless God through Jesus.

In Luke 15:10 Jesus gives a glimpse in to heaven where “there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

It is always lovely to hear that listeners (who may otherwise be unwilling to hear a Christian program) start tuning in to FEBC attracted to the music.
Recently, a man attending an international missions conference in Indonesia struck up a conversation, in English, with a waiter at his hotel.
The waiter, Budi*, was a Muslim man. During their conversation, Budi mentioned that he had started listening to Christian music each night on his radio and that he really loved what he heard. The man arranged for Budi to meet Sassha, an Indonesian woman who was volunteering at the conference, so that she could speak with Budi in his own language.

When Sassha met with Budi, she told him that she was from a church that met at the Heartline Building of FEBC Indonesia. Budi asked her if that was the same building as the Heartline radio station. When she said yes, he told her, “That’s the same radio station that I listen to, with Christian music every night!” Sassha and another friend, Matt, met with Budi this week and Budi said he would like to study the Bible together with them.
Praise God that Christian music played on Heartline FM has helped plant the seeds of the gospel in this young man’s life!

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