Outreach to the Leprosy Colony at Danko

FEBC and its partners began providing basic food assistance to 12 people with leprosy who live in a colony in Danko on donated land.

This assistance is in the form of one box of instant noodles and bread. Daeng Senga is a widow who lives with her only son who also suffered from leprosy. Her son has had to have his leg amputated due to an infection. She works as a beggar to make ends meet.

FEBC’s support through its partners goes a long way in alleviating the struggles of mothers and families like Daeng Senga’s. An FEBC partner writes:

"We met a mother in the neighbourhood whose son Chandra had been suffering from paralysis for two years. Seeing the condition of her crippled child withering away, we were able to provide the necessary help, support, and encouragement.

It was a miracle to see Chandra straighten his leg on a follow-up visit. Although the gospel has not been preached in Danko as we only distribute basic essentials and provide moral support, we were happy to see a family lighten up and be encouraged. We are grateful we can serve in many ways at Danko."

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