Pakistan takes Proverbs to social media

Recently, Feba Pakistan started a new Urdu program on social media. Titled Today’s Story (Aaj Ki Khahni), the theme of each story is taken from the book of Proverbs. The stories present solutions to different social, moral and spiritual issues that listeners face on a daily basis. So far there has been an enthusiastic response, and some of the stories are now being created in video form. Pray that these daily stories may reach more people and encourage them to consider God’s perspective on the challenges they face. As one listener responded:

“Today’s Story is highlighting social and family issues in a tremendous way. Your story telling style is interesting and attractive. I would like to see them in video clips as well. The sayings of King Solomon are of great interest to me. Thank you for guiding us wisely on complicated issues.”

Pakistan continues to focus on the unreached, with projects including Baluchi and Sindhi language programs for shortwave and social media. There are also plans to expand Web TV broadcasts, as well as a Book Van Ministry project.

Shortwaves programs are in full swing and listener responses grow daily. Praise God for the new daily Urdu program ‘NOOR-E-SADAQAT’ (Light of the Truth) that has many old and new listeners contacting Feba with the feedback that the program is a great blessing and they are listening regularly:
“Your Light of the Truth program is very interesting. It is full of knowledge, ethics and educating the listeners in many ways. Thank you for sharing Biblical thoughts which really inspire us. Please keep up this good work.”

Apart from the Light of the Truth program, there are 8 Urdu, 3 Sindhi, 2 Punjabi and 1 Pashto program on shortwave.

Thank God also for the broadcasts on Facebook, Mobile App, What’s App and via digital streaming that are also getting a good response. Pray that more quality listeners will tune in and be involved in other life transforming activities in order to influence the society positively.

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