Responses from FEBA Pakistan Radio and Social Media Listeners

"I am a soldier in the army and listen your show regularly. It was very timely for you to invite the Doctor to talk about the Coronavirus disease in Pakistan. His comments on washing hands and taking other precautions are necessary at this time. Please keep up this good work. "

"Your special program about Coronavirus was very informative and supportive at this time. The flyer about this epidemic disease was also very helpful. I have shared this with my friends and pasted few on walls of our street so that many people may read and follow the precautionary steps to protect themselves. Thanks FEBA for taking care of us at this crucial time in Pakistan."

"Your “Youth Show” in Abbottabad was of great interest. Thank you for inviting doctors and other related people who explained about the Coronavirus in detail. I want to share a message to all listeners to please repent from your sins and take care of your family and others around you."

"I am a regular listener of your program “Syban” in Muzaffarabad. I really appreciate your efforts to bring awareness to people of this infectious disease - Coronavirus. I would love to leave a message to all listeners to please “STAY HOME” so we can have a safe and healthy Pakistan. Thank you FEBA team for the role you are playing in actively taking care of us all. God bless you all."

We are grateful for the FEBA Pakistan team using their gifts and abilities to serve their communities at this time. They are all held in our prayers as they continue the good work they have been called to do.

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