Pakistan launches Speaker Box for Women

For many women in Pakistan, access to any sources of media is still very limited. Many don’t have a radio and live their lives in seclusion, taking care of the household, their children and often even livestock.

Last year, whilst attending a local community women’s meeting, our mission partners discovered that many have no basic education regarding personal hygiene, child care and other women’s issues. In response, FEBC supported partner HCR Pakistan (Health Communications Resources) to develop a “Women’s speaker box” containing content produced by women for women, giving them helpful and often critical information on issues that are not talked openly about due to cultural and religious barriers.

Programs include information on female development and menstrual cycles, daily personal hygiene, child marriage issues and complications, pregnancy, newborn and antenatal and postnatal care.

This year, before COVID-19 lockdown restrictions took hold, HCR Pakistan launched these new speaker boxes aptly titled “my radio” for women in the community*. Speaker boxes pre-loaded with programs for women were gifted to the group coordinator and team leader. Women in this village were meeting at the community centre regularly and are now able to listen to content created specifically for them from home until such times as restrictions ease and they can meet again at the community centre.

Please keep the team and these beautiful women in your prayers as this pilot program gets underway. We pray it will bring great change among this marginalized community.

Pray the required resources and funds are raised to continue this wonderful initiative so women all over Pakistan can not only listen to programs around health and social awareness, but also begin to hear and learn about their Father who loves them unconditionally.

*location and village undisclosed for security purposes

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