Planting the seeds of faith in 500,000 new listeners

Earlier this year, our National Director, Rev Kevin Keegan and FEBC US President, Ed Cannon alongside FEBC’s team in Indonesia had the opportunity to distribute 110 radios to local listeners in the city of Karawaci outside Jakarta. Listeners were invited to bring a friend and were given a radio to take home to share with others the hope and joy FEBC broadcasts had given them.

Kevin shares, “Nothing gives me more joy than to meet listeners and see their smiles as they share how their lives have been changed by the Holy Spirit and hearing the Word of God through FEBC broadcasts. I heard many personal stories, often through tears, of hearts transformed. The Word of God, the good news and hope we have in Jesus Christ is so powerful. As we distributed the radios to the listeners, their eyes lit up and I cannot describe the excitement and happiness on their faces. It truly was a heartfelt “thank you” from them, directed to you, our wonderful and faithful supporters here in Australia who love them. You are very much an important part of their faith journey.”

Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world and FEBC Australia has been committed to reaching the unreached in this country for decades. FEBC’s Heartline FM programs are now broadcasting through 105 partner radio stations throughout Indonesia. Many of these stations are positioned to reach the villages of people who live on distant islands and deep within rainforests which greatly increases our outreach network. Predominantly owned by small churches and Christian businessmen, these stations presently have very little Gospel content. However, each one is eager to bring FEBC’s Christian broadcasts to their listeners, which is an estimated 500,000 unreached people – most of them Muslims.

We are so thankful for the avenues and partnerships God has fostered with these local stations that increase FEBC’s ability to spread His Word. God has opened doors that has allowed us to expand our outreach in ways we never imagined. Whilst these partnerships will cut costs considerably, there will still be a need for further fundraising.

Excited by this opportunity, Kevin added, “We are blessed by God’s hand in all this, and now our faith challenge is to cover the expenses including the creation of new biblical programs specific to language and local cultures. There is also a need to install new equipment into some of our partner stations and finance the operating expenses for the year ahead, yet we trust in God.”

We appreciate your faithful prayers, that the funds required for this incredible opportunity are realised to allow us to reach the hearts of thousands of Muslims and plant the seeds of faith in their families and entire villages.

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